Maria Simonson Cloudberry And Moss

Hello, to all prospective readers out there. My name is Maria, I have just moved in here and I am new to the area. I’m learning the format of this blog as I go. I have just finished writing an “about me” page, and I am now ready to start nesting! I will be writing about all things important to me, and I think to some of you as well.

These are some key things that are good to know about me:

  • I am Swedish but moved to Oakland, across the bay from San Francisco in 2003. I live here, in an 1930’s apartment  with my daughter Lilian.
  • I grew up on a fjord dividing Sweden and Norway, in the middle of a forest, and I am, at heart, a forest creature.

  • I go to Sweden once a year, take Lilian with me and spend a magical summer month there together with family.
  • I do Swedish things, like forage for berries mushrooms, flowers, etc. I forage, prepare and eat my loot, sometimes I preserve it.
  • I find furniture on the street, take it home fix it up and use it.
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with making things from scratch. Anything really. I spend copious amounts of time on the internet, researching how to make this or that, without spending a bunch of money on pricey equipment or supplies.
  • I mourn practicing music. Growing up and into my 20’s I thought music would be my profession, but then I moved to the US and had a baby and STOPPED even listening to music for a while. CRAZY. I am trying to patch this relationship back together as we speak.
  • I have an etsy shop where I sell some of the stuff that I make, like jewelry and organic cotton, natural dye scarves.
  • I am moving from another blog to here, and I plan to move the content over, since there are so many great gems in the old one. If you ar curious right now, however click here to visit.

There you go; a little intro, so you know what/ who you’re dealing with. There is obviously a lot more to me than this, so if I have sparked your curiosity, come back and visit sometimes to learn more.

Much love for now!


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